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Italian petroleum services

Steel Piping Components


1981 – 2016: 35 years of experience
Our Success increase and our will of improving is the same of the beginning..

It’s been 35 years: our growth into markets, customers and revenue; qualified suppliers and highly motivated partners; led solidity and reliability to our structure.

Into our market we are a solid company, we are the first one to offer the complete package, anticipating over 20 years ago a reality that is now considered essential for the constant maintenance and construction of plants.


Passion to our job and to the customer always comes first.

Our team is made up of professionals that are always capable of assist you and supply the best solution for your needs.

A single partner able to assist you in a timely manner and that never leaves you alone, to which you can contact for any need.

We are Italians and the passion we put into our job is the same we have inside of our hearts.

Always precise by fulfilling every kind of needs.